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Every year we receive countless calls from early learning centres that need to discuss a potential claim or incident that they are concerned about.

With Guild Insurance, you have one of Australia’s leading insurance lawyers, Meridian Lawyers by your side. They have extensive experience defending early learning businesses and should an incident occur where you need support you can be sure that you will be in good hands.

We provide you with free legal advice by telephone, if an incident occurs that may lead to a claim being made against you or your centre. Seeking advice early from legal professionals experienced in early learning can sometimes be enough to prevent a situation escalating.

You also receive two hours free legal support and advice on matters regarding employment related liability or regulatory matters. You can speak with dedicated legal representatives with extensive knowledge within the early learning industry.

Our aim is to give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about so you can stay focused on looking after the children in your care.

Here are just a few examples of how this valuable service has helped our customers achieve better outcomes.

The right advice helped avoid a claim

Recently, a customer needed advice about how to handle an employment issue with a problematic employee. By using their two hours free legal advice they were able to get advice on how to handle the situation effectively. Rather than terminating the employee immediately, which would have likely resulted in a claim challenging the dismissal, they followed the advice given and a claim was avoided.

Early advice achieves a better outcome

A customer experienced this when they were confronted by an unfair dismissal claim. By accessing their two hours free legal advice as soon as they knew a claim was likely, they were able to obtain advice on how to best handle the situation to achieve the best outcome.

Fortunately, the case was settled for a very low amount. We believe that if the customer did not seek advice earlier, the case would’ve settled for a much larger amount.

Removing the worry of potential claims

Seeking advice on incidents that occur before a claim arises can help to give you peace of mind and can often prevent a claim from occurring. With a simple phone call we have helped to ease the mind of many of our customer, providing advice on a wide range of issues such as:

  • How to respond to court documents
  • How to deal with family law issues
  • How to deal with an infectious disease issue
  • How to respond to an accident on playground equipment

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Your policy gives you access to one of Australia’s leading professional indemnity legal defence teams, Meridian Lawyers.

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