Whether it’s for your reputation, business, home or car, our claims philosophy ensures you’re looked after.

If you’re making a claim, you’re already going to be under stress so we’re here to make your life easier.

Our claims team is here to support you when you need us, including an after-hours service which can arrange emergency repairs or assistance.

Professional indemnity or Business

If you need to make a claim for professional indemnity or for your business the first step is to contact Guild on:

1800 810 213

Home & Contents or Car

If you need to make a claim for home & contents or for your car the first step is to contact Guild on:

1300 988 988

Workers compensation claims

You can notify Guild Insurance of a workers compensation injury in a matter of minutes by completing our online notification form.

Workers compensation notification form

To speak with a workers compensation claims specialist please contact your nearest office.

The sooner you notify us of an injury, the sooner we cab provide assistance to both you and your employee.

Your initial notification of an injury is a notification only and we may request further supporting information in order to provide assistance.

For further information on the claims process please view our Claims process guide