Workers compensation claims

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You can notify Guild Insurance of a workers compensation injury in a matter of minutes by completing our online notification form.

To speak with a workers compensation claims specialist please contact us on:
1800 810 213


The sooner you notify us of an injury, the sooner we can provide assistance to both you and your employee.

Your initial notification of an injury is a notification only and we may request further supporting information in order to provide assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

You should ensure that first aid is immediately sought and if urgent medical attention is required you should assist the injured worker in arranging transport to obtain medical treatment. If any danger or risk of injury is still present for employees, you should take preventative steps to ensure that no further injuries can occur (notify your Health & Safety or HR department, safely remove any potential hazard, contact Police or external services, etc.). You should also ensure that the incident is recorded in an accessible registry of workplace injuries.

As an Employer, you have an obligation under workers compensation legislation to notify your insurer as soon as possible if a workplace injury occurs. By notifying Guild Insurance promptly of any injury, we can potentially waive your payment of any claim excess where one is applicable. Also, reporting a claim within the required timeframe can make a significant difference to the overall claim costs and potentially reduce your premium.

When an employee is injured and is entitled to compensation, they are to be paid a workers compensation rate which will be determined by Guild Insurance. This is usually to be paid to the employee on their next scheduled pay day. Guild Insurance will endeavor to ensure that this payment information is communicated to you prior to the employee's next pay day.

You can make a claim by completing our online form or calling us on 1800 810 213.

The more information you can provide us with, the sooner we will be able to review your claim. You will always need to provide the following details: Insured/Employer name, Policy number, Your personal details, The date that the injury occurred on, The address where the injury occurred, A detailed description of the incident that caused the injury, Details of the injured worker, Details of any medical attention received by the worker e.g. Name of Hospital or Doctor that the injured worker attended.

Once your claim is lodged, you will receive a unique claim number. Your unique claim number will be your ongoing reference for your injured worker. Please ensure that you provide your claim number when calling or emailing us. A Claims Specialist will be assigned to manage your claim and they will contact you regarding the next steps.