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The AVA Students Master Policy provides cover which will protect the nominated member (insured student) against any civil liability claim(s) made against them arising from their practice as a student veterinarian whilst taking part in a course or program of study approved by the Australasian Veterinary Boards, where such course or program of study leads to a qualification in veterinary science or medicine required for practice and registration as a Veterinarian in Australia.

This cover includes claims for compensation and includes awards for legal costs and expenses made against them. The applicable policy limits are:

  • Professional indemnity – up to $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all professional indemnity claims.
  • Public liability – $10million for any one claim and $10million in total
    for all public liability claims.
  • Products liability – $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all products liability claims.
  • To find out more or to get your hands on our policy wording, simply call us on 1800 810 213.

Additional benefits

    • Inquiries and proceedings – cover for legal costs relating to an official investigation, examination, inquiry or prosecution brought by a registration board, statutory regulatory authority, or any committee of an association or professional body in relation to the provision of professional services by you ($100,000 sublimit applies).
    • Loss of documents – cover for loss of or damage to Business Documents not owned by you but in your custody or control. $250,000 sublimit and $1,000 excess applies.
    • Artificial breeding material – cover for claims as a result of breach of professional duty by you in the collection, transfer, transit or storage of any artificial breeding material. $100,000 sublimit applies.
    • Import/export of animals – cover for claims as a result of breach of professional duty by you in your certification of any animal as being fit for the purpose of its export or import to or from Australia. $1,000,000 sublimit applies.
    • Pre-purchase inspections – cover for claims arising as a result of breach of professional duty by you in the provision of any pre-purchase inspection report on the condition, health or otherwise of any animal. $1,000,000 sublimit applies.

Some of the things the policy does not cover:

  • Experiments or testing – there is no cover for any claim arising from your participation in any clinical trial or clinical research.
  • Fraudulent, dishonest, criminal, malicious or wilful or intentional acts – claims arising from any fraudulent, dishonest criminal or malicious acts or conduct on your part.
  • Intoxicants or drugs – claims arising from any act, error, omission or conduct of yours whilst you were under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or drugs.
  • Related entities – claims made against you by or on behalf of any entity operated, controlled owned or managed by you, any of your joint venture companies or any subsidiary or parent company of yours.
  • Non supervision by a qualified practitioner – claims made against you arising from veterinarian work performed by you whilst you were not under the supervision of a registered practitioner.
  • Jurisdictional limit – any actual or alleged act, error, omission, conduct, bodily injury or damage brought against you in a court outside of Australia.
  • Territorial limit – any actual or alleged act, error, omission, conduct, bodily injury or damage happening outside of Australia (does not apply to Good Samaritan Acts).

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions students ask most, answered.

If you are a paid AVA member who is either a first or second year veterinary graduate, you will receive cover provided under the Veterinarian Graduates Master Policy at no additional cost.

The insurer is Guild Insurance Limited, ABN 55 004 538 863 and AFS Licence Number 233791...

To speak to our customer service team simply contact Guild insurance on 1800 810 213 about the cover provided.

The AVA has arranged the Veterinarian Graduates Master Policy through Guild Insurance. A copy of the policy schedule from Guild Insurance outlining the insurance provided and the eligible dates of cover can be obtained by contacting your AVA branch.

You can obtain a copy of the Policy Wording and Schedule by contacting your AVA branch.

To arrange your own personal Certificate of Cover please contact your AVA branch.

The AVA will inform eligible practitioners under the Master Policy in the event that the terms of cover change significantly; the cover did not take effect when it was reasonably believed to have taken effect; and the cover is, or is likely to be, cancelled or not renewed.

To make a claim against your policy, you will need to contact Guild Insurance on 1800 810 213.

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