Product Features

When you’re insured with Guild, you can rest assured that you have cover that meets AHPRA registration requirements.

Our Paramedic Liability Policy provides cover that protects against civil liability claim(s) made against you, arising from your practice as a paramedic or first responder. Whether you are operating as an employee, contractor or volunteer (e.g. while volunteering as a first aid officer at your local footy club), our policy gives you the freedom to help others with confidence knowing your Guild has got you financially covered.


Professional indemnity

Guild Paramedic Liabilities insurance offers you the choice of $5 Million, $10 million or $20 million cover for any single claim arising from paramedic services. AHPRA have not specified a minimum level of cover, however you may provide services to entities that specify an amount of cover they require you to hold.


Products liability

$20 million dollars cover, automatically included, for claims arising from damage or injury caused by products you provide or sell in relation to your practice as a paramedic. From bandages to paracetamol, you can treat your patients with the confidence that Guild has you covered.


Public liability

$20 million dollars cover, automatically included, for any one claim arising from property damage, or injuries caused in connection to your practice as a paramedic. This includes a slip or fall, or damage accidentally caused to patient’s property.

Standard features

On top of including Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Products Liability, our Paramedic Liabilities insurance policies offers the following benefits tailored to your industry:


Inquiries and Complaints

If you’re involved in complaints to your registration body, disciplinary proceedings or a coronial inquiry, Guild Paramedic Liabilities insurance will cover you for your legal costs and expenses up to $250,000.


Automatic Reinstatement

If you exhaust your limit of cover in a single claim, we will reinstate your cover limit up to 2 times in a single policy year. The most we will pay in any one period of insurance is 3 times your sum insured.


Retroactive Cover

Subject to terms and conditions, Guild Paramedic Liabilities insurance will provide you with cover should a claim be made against you for treatment you provided prior to you entering into your policy with Guild.


We provide you with cover should a claim be made against you for treatment you provide when volunteering your paramedic services to community groups, sporting clubs and similar groups.


Good Samaritan Acts

If you’re off-duty and find yourself in a situation where an injured person needs your help, Guild Paramedic Liabilities insurance will cover you in relation to the treatment you provide.


Free run-off in retirement

A claim could be made against you even after you retire. If you have a policy with Guild Insurance in place at the time you retire, it will continue to protect you if an action is brought against you after the date you permanently retire.


Premium that reflects your risk

We understand that not all Paramedics are the same. When we calculate your premium, we consider your unique circumstances to ensure your premium is appropriate for your risk. Our premium takes into account whether you:

  • are a contractor or employee
  • work full or part-time
  • are a Paramedic or a First Responder


Free pay by the month facility

If you want to smooth the cost of your insurance, and avoid an annual upfront cost, Guild offer the choice of paying your premium in monthly instalments via direct debit from your bank account or credit card. Even better still, it won’t cost you any more to pay by instalments.


24/7 claim support

You may be involved in an incident or be advised of a potential action against you at any time of the day. Regardless of when it is, you can notify us of your claim by phone or online lodgement, 24/7.


No Excess

If you do make a claim, there is no excess to pay.


Access to RiskHQ

RiskHQ includes a range of risk related articles and case studies, regulatory updates and claim examples to help you identify ways to reduce your practice risk.

For more information on how we can help you personally, call us today on 1800 810 213.

For full details of cover, Contact Guild to obtain a copy of our PDS.