Product Features

When something goes wrong, or an incident occurs where you need support, you can always count on us. With Guild Insurance, you have access to Guild Liability Claims specialists, our dedicated team here to provide advice if a claim comes your way.

Working with children can be unpredictable. If something happens to a child in your care that escalates to a claim, it can be overwhelming.

Our Guild Liability Claims specialists are here to offer claims advice on regulatory obligations for your unique situation, and can even engage the services of Meridian Lawyers, Australia’s leading allied health legal defence team and part of the Guild Group where legal support is needed.

When you’re insured by Guild Insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing there is one less thing to worry about, so you can stay focused on what you do best – looking after the children in your care.

Standard Features

Speech Pathology PL

Child accident protection cover

We’ll provide a lump sum to the parents or guardians of children accidentally injured under your care, as well as additional expenses such as travel and loss of income.


Reinstatement Plus

Cover so whether you suffer a partial or a total loss, this cover provides a safety net on top of the amount you’re insured for.


Full accidental damage cover

Cover for your business property, including boiler damage, shade sails and landscaping.


Loss of income cover

Cover for loss of income due to an interruption in your business trading, including unplanned power outages.


Wrongful acts cover

Cover for directors and officers who conduct wrongful acts while managing your facility.


2 free hours of legal advice

We’ll provide 2 hours free legal advice on employment related issues made against you or your centre, even before a claim is made.


Volunteer protection cover

Personal accident cover for any volunteers who are injured while working at your facility.


24/7 Access to RiskHQ

The all new RiskHQ, includes targeted clinical and dento-legal case studies, regulatory updates and claims examples to help you identify ways to reduce your practice risk, and earn CPD while doing so.