Is the right name on your policy?

We’re not asking you to check to see if you’ve made a typo... and called yourself Sara instead of Sarah. While this name error is no biggie and might just mean a bit of paperwork to amend it, the name error Guild often sees is only an Insured’s personal name on their policies instead of the legal entity name under which they trade. This error can expose you as the Insured to face the financial consequences of claims made against that legal entity or your employees.

Which name should be listed on my policy?

The name/s you list on your policy are the names that the policy provides coverage for. Think of it this way, if it’s not listed, it’s not covered. Don’t leave yourself exposed to uninsured liabilities by leaving your legal entity (Pty Ltd) off your insurance schedule.

Not sure you have the right name on your policy?

At Guild, we understand that insurance can be confusing which is why we have a dedicated team to help navigate you through it. To update your policy or to discuss your current policy, speak to one of our friendly Insurance Specialists on 1800 810 213.