Professional indemnity & Liability claims

You need to notify us immediately as soon as you are aware of any circumstance that may lead to a claim. As soon as you receive notification of a claim against you, you need to immediately forward the claim to us along with any information relevant to the case. As soon as you let us know about the claim we will begin working on it for you.

Do not:

  • admit responsibility or liability to anyone
  • offer, agree or promise to settle any claim without our consent
  • reply to a written complaint without notifying us first.

How you can claim


Notify us online for
Liability related incidents


Make a claim online



Notify us by phone for 
Liability related incidents

You can also report an incident or claim by calling us directly on:

1800 810 213

Are you an ADA member?

If you are a member of Australian Dental Association (ADA), please contact your association directly to report an incident or claim.


Are you a PDL member?

If you are a member of Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL), please contact PDL directly to report an incident or claim on 1300 854 838.