How It Works


As a GELSafe account holder your secure Member's Area contains a wealth of help information, including on-screen tool-tips and how to video tutorials.

The help resources will guide you through site navigation and show you how to use the numerous system functions. The system is designed for non-technical users and will allow you to quickly locate and manage relevant information with ease.

After the initial registration a step by step process consisting of 14 modules will begin. GELSafe will send weekly instructions to you via email to guide you through a series of Work Health and Safety (WHS) related tasks. Each task will help you to develop and manage your WHS policies and program.

After completing the 14 modules, we will remind you about WHS related activities e.g., workplace inspections, self-audits, employee induction, policy and procedure reviews. You can also use GELSafe to set yourself reminder emails for various tasks and assign responsibility to people associated with your workplace.



"Welcome to chapter one of your GELSafe program. This is the start of a 14-chapter program that gradually establishes your centre’s Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Management System.

This chapter's focus is on familiarising yourself with the process, establishing your own WHS Policy, setting your objectives, and clarifying WHS responsibilities within your centre.

Each fortnight, you'll receive an email outlining the actions that need to be taken and how to do them. Often, this will include downloading and reviewing the Policy and Procedure documentation we provide, adapting it to suit your individual centre requirements, and implementing the procedures found in the material.

Even if your centre already has its own WHS-related documents for the topics covered, you can refine them after reviewing the Policy and Procedure documentation available through this program. Then, you can incorporate your updated documents into your centre’s own WHS management system."