How does the GuildSafe program work?

After you’ve been signed up for GuildSafe, you'll receive an email from us focusing on a certain area of WHS management every two weeks.

The first email, Chapter 1, acts as an intro to our program and WHS foundations. Within each email, there will be a link to a page with a set of documents you'll need to download to support your WHS efforts relating to that Chapter's topic. We will also provide additional documents for further reference should you want more information.

At the bottom of each page linked in the emails, there is a short form for you to enter your details, then tick a box confirming that you have downloaded the documents and intend to complete the actions outlined in that chapter.

The initial email program contains 14 chapters, one of which you'll receive every fortnight. If you don't go through the page and tick the box, you will receive a reminder email from us the following week.

What happens at the end of the program?

Once you've gone through the 14 chapters and ticked the box on each page within the program, you may be eligible for a discount on your Guild Workers Compensation Insurance premium.

After the initial program is over, you will receive periodic reminders to carry out important WHS-related tasks such as workplace inspections, to help you keep up with your WHS obligations.

Can I opt out of GuildSafe?

If you wish to opt out of the program, you can do so by clicking "email preferences" at the bottom of one of the GuildSafe emails. However, opting out disqualifies you from receiving your premium discount unless you have an equivalent program in place.


Need more information?

Answers to some technical WHS issues can also be found by contacting: SafeWork NSW.