Professional Indemnity


You are required to notify us immediately when you are aware of any circumstances which may lead to a claim. If urgent assistance is required, you will be transferred to a duty solicitor for legal advice.

We will require all the relevant information for the case, including the extent of any harm or injury and all contact details of the people involved. If you are presented with any incident that may lead to a claim, ensure that you or another authorised person handles the matter.

If you receive notification of a claim made against you, immediately forward the claim to us. This includes any demand, writ, summons or proceedings relating to any prosecution, inquest or hearing and all other information relevant to those matters where any liability under your policy may arise. Upon your notification, we will manage the conduct of the matter. 

What not to do 

You must not admit responsibility or liability to anyone. Do not offer, agree or promise to settle any claim, or offer compensation without our prior consent.

If a complaint is initiated in writing, do not reply without first advising us and do not put anything in writing.

If you need to make a Professional Indemnity insurance claim, you can notify us by reporting the incident online.


Alternatively you can contact us on 1800 810 213. We are here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.